Water Tank Pad Preparation

It is essential to prepare your site before we come and install your Pioneer Water Tank. The tank must be installed on a stable sand pad foundation to protect your water tank.

There are some essential things to consider when selecting your tank site and preparing the pad.

  • The sand pad must be level, stable, and debris-free before construction.  Inert sand is advised.
  • For an effective water tank installation, the sand pad must be at least two metres larger than the diameter of your tank.
  • For sloping tank sites, ensure adequate drainage to divert runoff from the tank wall.
  • A retaining wall may be required to maintain pad integrity (1000 litres of water weighs 1 tonne).
  • Your tank should not ever be left empty.   As per PT11-04 MS07 D01 Rural Tank Certificate – a minimum of 300mm of water should be stored in your water tank at all times. 
  • Although a properly prepared sand pad will minimise the risk of contaminants or debris compromising your water supply, we recommend installing a geotextile membrane for added protection.
Geotextile Membrane

The geotextile underlay provides an intermediate protective layer and a strong barrier between the internal tank liner (Aqualiner®) and the ground.

Geotextile underlay reduces the risk of the liner coming into contact with sharp objects or burying insects or vermin that might be in the area.